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My Story

I have officially been a Holistic Wellness Practitioner since June 2022, a career change as part of my own wellness journey, though I have spent most of my life loving plants, the forest,  caring for others and advocating for our planet. As part of my practice and philosophy, I strive to both educate and empower my clients to unlock their own natural ability to heal and live healthier lives. My approach is a combination of both Eastern and Western modalities. Healing is a journey of vital steps on everyone's path. We can always improve our wellness, to be better, brighter, stronger...with time, patience, support, and a little hard work, we can each become our best selves! 

My personal wellness journey is complicated to say the least, so here's the short story. While fighting a life-long battle with PCOS, thyroid disfunction, resulting obesity and accompanying symptoms, I was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. After overcoming my battle, I wanted to help others. I thought the pharmaceutical industry would be a good fit. I spent time training and landed a position with a well-known retail pharmacy in a specialty location, focusing on under-served populations. Then in 2014, one of our children was diagnosed with Leukemia. In 2015, while supporting our child through their fight, I was diagnosed with cancer again; unrelated to my first cancer diagnosis. Why was this happening again!? I was eating well, doing yoga, getting regular chiropractic care, sleeping, meditating, drinking plenty of water, but I wasn't thriving. I was sick! I couldn't continue in the high stress, demanding pharmaceutical industry while maintaining my health, conscience and sanity during this crisis. So I began to shift my focus to natural modalities, less stress, more sunlight and fresh air, making wellness a top priority!

Then COVID came along; gym closed, shortages, quarantine, isolation...I don't have to explain, you went through it too. I had a lot of time to meditate, look within, and heal from the years of trauma I had experienced. What I lacked was balance in my life. It took some time and a great deal of study to discover how energy, food, trauma, emotion, our connection to spirit, stress, hormones, light, color, sleep, vibration, frequency, and environmental factors effect us daily; and, what we can do about it. What I learned was so eye-opening, I had to find a way to share it! There has always been a natural desire inside me to help others. I feel like my business is the best possible way to do that!


Healing and Supportive Services

It is my mission to help my clients understand the importance of taking responsibility for one's own wellness; becoming educated and well-informed. My clients will gain understanding about how to unlock the fullest healing potential of their mind, body and spirt! We will work together, using both ancient and modern modalities to create a roadmap for an individualized healing journey. Each aspect of ourselves is only part of a larger system with a much greater connection! Healing ourselves of common, chronic or intractable ailments usually means making changes to our daily life; which takes patience, work, knowledge and sensitivity. I continue to educate myself and hone my skills in order to assess, educate and make recommendations to address wellness challenges with effective, natural, non-invasive methods. I strive to provide affordable access to anyone who needs my help. I want to serve as a guide on your individual healing journey! Get in touch to find out more.

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My Professional Development

Bachelor's Degree


Central Methodist University; Education

PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician


I worked for an internationally recognized retail pharmacy chain. Our location was uniquely specialized in addiction management and HIV care. My team was absolutely amazing! I got an up-close and personal look into how the commercial pharmacy industry works.


Medlin Homestead


Organic food, natural living and acquiring new skills became my focus. We converted our home and property into a functioning homestead with herbs, fruits, vegetables, wild forage, and animals. We work hard outdoors and even had a stand at the local farmer's market for a while! I learned about herbal remedies, expanded my knowledge of essential oils, and deepened my meditation practice while grounding myself and becoming more in-tune with nature.

Reiki Master/Teacher & Sound Therapist


A good friend and Reiki Master asked if I would be interested in receiving a Reiki session, I had heard of Reiki but didn't know much about it. Following my first three sessions, I felt better than I had in years!! I knew this was important for wellness and I had to find out more. I found the training I needed to become a Reiki Master Teacher. Though my discovery of Reiki, I learned about Energy Balancing and Sound Therapy. Wanting to dive deeper, I found even more training resources and became a Certified Sound Therapist and Healer. 



I was working with a few clients in my home, but I wanted to expand and help more people. With the support of some pretty amazing people, Essential Balance Holistic Wellness LLC was born! I now have an office, a platform, and a launch pad for reaching people far and wide to bring healing and wellness to everyone who seeks my assistance.



On May 25, 2023 I completed my Placement, Attaining Level II in the Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho Healing System under the instruction of Master Teacher Karen Williamson at Pathways in St. Louis, Missouri.



I have the honor of becoming a member of the American Herbalists Guild as well as the Meramec Valley Herb Guild, both of which offer a wealth of knowledge and support in furthering my studies as an Herbalist and Aromatherapist.



After years of study on religion and spirituality, I chose to receive ordination as a Reverend Priestess in the Universal Life Church. The key belief of the Universal Life Church is that "we are all children of the same universe". I am now available to work in the realm of the spiritual; weddings, handfasting, end-of-life, funeral, and spiritual coaching/advisory services upon request. I will always respect your beliefs and traditions, regardless of my own. 

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